The Horsebreath Society

Great Moments in The Horsebreath Society

At last, we discover where Joe Miller spends his free time.

Some of the members of the Horsebreath Society gather
and perform the Horsebreath secret dance.

Two members frolic in the fields of the wine country.

Members of the Horsebreath Society conduct research in an Irish Pub.

The Ohio Mafia, great-grandaddy of the Horsebreath Society, celebrate their 20th Anniversary.


Founded in 1994 or maybe even before that, the Horsebreath Society is non-religious, non-denominational, and non-sectarian group dedicated to stuff that's really secret but won't hurt you.

Meetings occur at irregular intervals and places.


"If they don't ask us to leave, then we haven't met."


"Don't find us, we'll find you"

Inspirational Sayings

"Wine is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

-- Ben Franklin

People We'd Like to Meet

Hans Zarkov
Francis Urquhart
Richard III

The Horsebreath Society FAQ

Why "Horsebreath"?
The name "The Horsebreath Society" came in a moment of divine inspiration.
Who are we to argue with divine inspiration?


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